EY Briefcase at Tech Challenge 2014
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Are Purpose Driven Companies for Real? Yes, if You Make It Personal.

In today’s society, it is a commonly held view that: Big Company = Bad For the ‘World’ Social Activists = Saving the ‘World’ Is it this simple? No. Are Purpose Statements just marketing tag lines to …

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CX: Flash in the Pan, or Significant Change Driver?

Customer Experience (“CX”). Customer Journey. NPS. Engagement. It’s astonishing how rapidly these phrases, and others like them, have become part of the lexicon of the corporate world over the past several years. Fueled by technology developments, …

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What’s Your Big Data Strategy?

Big data. You would be hard pressed to find a more buzzworthy – and potentially misunderstood – term from the last few years. Data and statistics have become improbably sexy, with phenomena like Moneyball and Nate …

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Measuring Customer Experience Points – In Real Time

On a recent trip to Singapore I encountered this way of capturing ongoing customer experience feedback. This method works well and the experience at Changi Airport was great, at every stage of my journey. It stood …

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Turning Net Promoters into Actual Promoters: the K-Factor Loop

You have probably answered that you would be willing to recommend a product or service to friends or colleagues on a survey, but how often do you really do that? It is rare that any of …